Why teawithtanay?

Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about me, Who am I?
I am Tanay, I work at Microsoft and work primarily on Web. More details can be found here. What I can tell you about myself in summary is that I like to have conversations with people. Conversations which are rich in nature, where I learn a lot of things, challenge my own beliefs and at the same time build a better understanding of the topic for everyone involved.

There’s no denying the fact that podcasts are on the rise. Why?
For the fact that you can listen to it while doing anything. Stuck in traffic? let’s listen to a podcast. Eyes are hurting after day’s work on screen. Podcast. Cooking or running or doing chores around the house? Podcast. Podcasts have become the answer to do how you can utilise time while doing something which doesn’t need active involvement of your mind.

Latest stats say that 1 out of every 3 American listens to a podcast. The question which comes to mind is that when there are so many podcasts out there. Why do we need this new one?
There are numerous tech podcasts originating from the US. Heck! I am a panelist on one too. However, when it comes to having conversations around tech, our country is lagging behind. We needed a place to celebrate our tech heroes, our entrepreneurs, our problem solving approaches, in short our jugaads. It is at this realisation, teawithtanay was born.

Tea is the most Indian beverage ever!

Why this name? There are chances that you don’t drink tea. However, tea is the most Indian beverage ever. Remember the time when we were kids and our parents used to have long, hearty and meaningful chats with guests on tea in our households. This show is trying to build onto that culture. So, grab a cup of tea, just sit and listen to the episodes.

So, what would be the format of the show then? This isn’t a tutorial. Nor is this a lecture. This isn’t an interview either. This is going to be a conversation. In the show, we will have guests. Guests who have done remarkably well in their field. We’ll run through the introductions and agenda for the first 5-10 minutes. And then we delve into a topic for next 30 minutes. We would try to come up with insights in that particular topic. Insights which would be helpful for your personal growth, or your career or your company. Don’t worry about being 100% attentive all the time. There’s no need to take notes either. Whenever we mention a URL or an important point we’ll make sure that we add it in show notes as well for you to check it out later. And that’s where we draw our tagline from: “conversations without pen and paper”

To start with we will have programmers, entrepreneurs, designers, community experts, leaders and people from all walks of life sharing their experience. We have shows recorded already around books to read, hackathons to win, side hustles to make, building your personal brand, doing open source work, making your own community, qualifying interviews, blockchain, design and UX and many many more.

Sounds Interesting! How can you help? I have one request for you. Your comments, remarks and feedbacks are most welcome. And that’s what will make this show remarkable. Suggest us guests which you want to hear from. Or suggest us topics which you want us to cover.
So, please keep it flowing to make it a “conversation” in true sense. With that one request. I hope you enjoy the show.

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