Let's grab tea

Hello there! I'm Tanay. I'm a senior and only have a few weeks left here, which has got me thinking about life, my time here and all that kind of stuff. I've met some truly amazing people in my four years here who have really defined my experience and made it special. But there are probably ten times as many awesome people whom I haven't met yet. I want to change that. Come get tea/coffee with me and let's exchange adventures/ideas/opinions/beliefs*. It'll be fun.

* Even if we know each other! If we haven't hung out in a while, I want to! If we hang out everyday, I want to drink tea and you might as well give me company.

Isn't everyone though?

Besides, I'm quite normal (I think). But that's for you to decide. Here are my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles so you can confirm/invalidate it for yourself. Oh right, since this is Columbia I should probably include my LinkedIn too.

Even if you think I'm weird you should still do this. As someone once said, "Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them." Maybe I can help you achieve weirdness. Or something.

Why Should You Sign Up?

  • Drinking tea and/or coffee is good for you. On a sidenote, so is drinking wine and beer.
  • Because I would be super embarrassed if no one signs up and you're a nice person and don't want that to happen.
  • You probably want to take a break to procrastinate on that paper or problem set anyway!
  • So you can have a coffee chat that doesn't involve you asking questions like "I'm very interested in your firm" or "How should I best position myself to land an internship at your company" or "I just wanted to pick your brain to get a better idea of what you do and what the culture at your firm is like". At least that's how I imagine those coffee chats go.
  • You can tell people that you're spontaneous because you took part in a social experiment.

What would we even talk about though?!

We can share stories. And talk about stuff. In case that's too vague, here are some of the things I'm interested in/enjoy conversing about: tea, speakeasies, New York, good restaurants, good dessert places, chefs (Jean-Georges Vongerichten!), rooftop bars, whiskey, wine, Economics, favorite professors at Columbia, favorite classes at Columbia, Computer Science, technology, Shakespeare, fashion, colored pants, weird socks, Manchester United, the upcoming world cup, Shinji Kagawa, snorkelling, big cities, poker, blackjack, Macau, gambling and betting, David Moyes, philosophy, Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius, investing, Snapchat, selfies, how I come up with the 2000 hashtags I use in every instagram, art, sketching, startups, Silicon Valley, education, design, favorite books, behavioral economics, Premier League (let's not discuss Liverpool please), spaced repetition, Ray Dalio, habit formation, game theory, luck, tennis, Andy Murray, Taylor Swift (don't hate!), Katy Perry, Moleskines, Starbucks, pizza, travelling, favorite airports, karaoke, Chipotle, random celebrity sightings, v-necks vs crew necks, why ellipses are awesome, cronuts.

Ready to sign up? Yay!!

Just take a second to fill this out and I'll email you soon. <3.